Shuu's best friend. no Shuu and Takako's your bullying Rich money from the 100 Pascal-Sensei X AGK MegaMan X Star Island.exe. Full name, "Koeda Mamesuke". Elementary, 3rd grade. Rather small. A boy, but looks a bit girly. scaredy cat helper and crybaby Reckless, but has a friendly good Jeeves personality. Experienced a traumatic event one year ago, but that isn't shown in this story is scared boy. Likes Power Rangers and Rich Money. Shuu is a childhood friend and a great friend. I can study, but I'm not good at exercising.
It’s a gentle personality, but it ’s a bit scary. Actually, I had a miserable past a year ago...!? Very small and weak, but very kind. The exercise is very bad, but the test always takes 90-100 points. I have a sad past when my best friend commits suicide in front of me a year ago. A pretty little boy. A cute figure like a girl. She is weak and crying but has a very gentle and clever personality. The dream of the future is a hero, but the girl power is very high (not aware). In fact, he has a sad past and is still in the trauma. He is a rich transfer student who has been transferred to Mr. Pascal's class and is a competitor of Pascal. Although it is a disgusting personality in Kiza, it is also a militant and high-pride personality such as fighting and fighting somewhat with Pascal. I like sumo. Transformed Super Mamesuke.
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