Shuu's friend/Shuu and Takako's classmate. in 100 Pascal-Sensei X AGK MegaMan X Star Island.exe. adult strong Appears mid-story. Her full name is read "Sakai Masami". Junior high, 2nd year.Has a masculine manner of speaking, but is undoubtedly a girl. Knows sign language, so she can communicate with Major Characters in Anime in Children.exe is Yukiko. Likes gags, but hers flop all the time. Meet Shuu in the previous work and get to know each other. The self-proclaimed is "I" and speaks in a male tone. So-called my daughter. I don't like cute things, I love cool things. I can't study much, but I know strange things. Basically, the intuition is sharp, but romance is very dull. I love Dajare but it's pretty cold. In the first work, I met Shuu and became acquainted.
It is quite a man but a junior high school female. The self-proclaimed name is “I” and always speaks in a male tone. I love Dajare. Handsome is looking at a adult strong and muscular elementary school student/junior school student.
Although there are few turns in the original, since it is a regular character in animation, it is not a bad personality, so Watanabe Shuu is a close associate with
classmate, Died is chaushduretmo lauchansdreto de masthcuahasudreto goodbye sounds, Masami-kun/Not Masami-san.
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