Shuu's best friend./Shuu's classmate. in 100 Pascal-Sensei X AGK MegaMan X Star Island.exe Full name, "Takayama Takako". Elementary, 3rd grade. She is rather tall. Similar to Mamesuke, she has a reckless personality. Generally positive. She can't seem to study at all, but is very good at physical activities. The physique is more mature than Shuu, Mamesuke and Yumi. A positive and cheerful personality that doesn't mind anything. Like Shuu, I can't study at all, but I'm good at exercising. Although it is too big to be considered small 3, the contents are still children. Very bright personality. Super idiot but great at exercising. The bright personality has a certain past. Large for elementary school students. Very positive personality. I can't study at all because I'm super stupid, but the exercise is outstanding. There are four brothers including myself. Takako is the third daughter. chairperson. It features a black ponytail. Normally, it is a serious common sense like a hay but it has a very combative aspect, such as turning into a supermarket when she fighting. Transformed is Super Takako.
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