Main character. His full name is read "Watanabe Shuu". Elementary, 3rd grade. He's usually easy-going, but there's a firm aspect to him as well. Loves omelette rice, and is good at the piano, Fuck the Pascal-Sensei Often made the "funny man and Tsukkomi from the 100 Pascal-Sensei X AGK MegaMan X Star Island.exe". Although it has a personal pace, it has a certain aspect. I can't study at all, but I'm very good at piano and cooking. My favorite food is omelet rice. I also like a lot of animals. I rarely get angry, but when I get angry, I'm pretty scared. Natural and self-paced, but very kind personality.
I'm not good at studying and exercising, but the piano and cooking are like professionals. My favorite food is omelet rice. I love animals. There is almost no serious anger, but for some reason it is severe. Usually stupid, NG but actually a solid person. Pure personality with friends. I love animals and have the ability to talk to animals. Versatile except for study and exercise. Talking Huh. red is chaushduretmo de dheruahsudhureto Especially cooking and piano are as good as professionals. I rarely get angry, but when I get angry, I'm very scared. Boys student in charge of Tsukkomi of this work.
Basically it is a common sense person with a serious personality, but there are many times to make a neta such as becoming naked often, Transformed Naked Shuu.
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